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Taking a break from the story of how I got here, I thought I’d post a quick update on where I am currently.

For the last couple of months, I’ve been working on a very short adventure game with two main goals:

  1. To help me learn the tools and workflows I will need to create a full-length game.
  2. To prove to myself that I’m theoretically capable of making my own game.

To keep things manageable, I’m using commercial art assets for the character and backgrounds, and free music and sound effects. When it comes to my full game, I will be creating all the artwork and music myself!

My initial plan for this mini-game was to create a scene with a single puzzle, just as a proof-of-concept. That’s kind of what it is, but I have fallen prey to some scope creep and introduced some additional elements that I hadn’t initially planned.

I thought I was about 95% done, and would be able to finish it this weekend (I have a 4-day weekend over Easter), but I asked my wife to play it, and discovered that it still needs a bit more polish.

Granted, my wife is not a gamer, and in her own words, she has never played a “click-and-point” game before! But it made me realise that the game needs some kind of tutorial for the uninitiated. I was tempted to leave this out as it’s just a test game really, but then I figured I will need to know how to do this for a full game, so why not learn about it now?

So at the moment I’m busy creating a basic tutorial on how to play the game:

Once that’s done, there will be a final bit of polish, and then I should be ready to release the game for free and let people play it!

Oh yeah, the game also has a name now, after months of just being called ‘Fire Game’. Say hello to Solitude: A Flicker of Hope.

Feel free to leave a comment and ask me any questions, or just say hi!






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