I released my first computer game!

After a couple of months spending most of my free time working on it, I finally published my first ever computer game – Solitude: A Flicker of Hope. Here’s a short trailer I put together:

The game is available for free for Windows and Mac. You can download it now from itch.io:

The game was originally intended to be just a very simple test game with a single puzzle, just so I could learn the basics of Unity and Adventure Creator, and that’s kind of what it is. There is only one main puzzle, but the game’s scope expanded a bit over time, as I introduced new elements and experimented with various features, so I feel like it’s a more complete mini-game now. It’s still pretty easy and won’t win any awards, but it might entertain you for ten minutes or so.

If you play the game, please leave a comment, either here or on the itch.io download page, and let me know what you think.

What now?

So now that the game is finished, what comes next? Well, this game used premade artwork and audio assets, and I just came up with puzzles based on the assets I had available. Now I get to work on a more ambitious and original game, including original artwork, music, story etc. I have some ideas, but the next step will be fleshing out the plot to come up with a really compelling game idea. Meanwhile, I will keep posting here with more backstory, progress updates, and maybe even a tutorial video or two! Who knows?

Stay tuned!






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